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ColorSorter is an application/game with a purpose of to check your ability of recognizing colors – like a color puzzle.

Name: ColorSorter
Category: Educational, Puzzle


About the game:

ColorSorter is an application/game with a purpose of to check your ability of recognizing colors – like a color puzzle. The goal of the game is to “sort” a selected color or an entire color scale. The right order of the unique colors is specified with small differences in the color’s RGB values – the more difficult the game is, the less the difference between two colors is, so it’s much harder to recognize the two different colors.

In the simple-color sort mode – called “Sort one color” in the main menu – there’s only one color need to be sorted, the lowest and highest colors are already in it’s places. The task is to pull the colors from the upper part of screen to the lower part, at the right place.

Hint: you may want to complete one selected color in row, all the six levels, it might be easier. The one-color mode should be completed first before you try the much harder full-color-scale sort mode (called “Sort color scale” in the main menu).

After you completed the “puzzle”, there’s a button labeled “Check” at the lower right corner of the screen. According to the right order of the colors, you either completed the level or not. In this case, you may want to examine the “Wrongs” button, which helps you in a way by showing the colors in the wrong places. The colors, once they are in their final place, can be easily exchanged – you do not have to pull them again from the starting place.

Note that every time you push the “Wrongs” button, 10 seconds will be added to your time – this may slightly decrease your final score, which is calculated using the difficulty level and the time consumed by the sorting itself. In case if you playing on the whole-color-scale levels, this time is 15 seconds instead of 10. The less time you need to complete the puzzle, the more your score will be. For those who love math, the equation used to calculate the score is the following:


ColorSorter also contains an implementation of the well-known Ishihara color-sight test – you may already encountered with it on several medical sight-checking tests. There’s 12 different figures contains colored “dots”, each of them contains a number which you should recognize and type the number into the text field area above. Each well-guessed number worth 1000 point – just in case if you are curious about your final score. According to this, the maximum score in this test is 12000 – this means that all numbers were correct.

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