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Wine, Shine Bénye festival

The Wine, Shine, Bénye is the dedicated application made for the festival with the same name. Its purpose is to made available all of the informations about the festival in organized form. Continuous internet connection is not required for the application.

Name: Bor, mámor …Bénye
Category: Entertainment
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In the Festival page, the short description, guidebook, summary of the festival can be found, along with contact & accessible informations. The content is available in both Hungarian and English languages, the used language can be changed with the button in the upper right corner.

In the Map page, the schematic map of the festival’s area can be found. The interesting locations marked with red arrows on the map, upon tapping an arrow, the list of the programs at the selected location can be viewed. The map itself can be zooming in, zooming out as usual. The navigation available through the upper title bar as well, with scrolling to left or right – in this case, the map follows the selected location. With the tapping of the title bar, the list of the programs at the selected location can be switched on or off. By selecting a program, its detailed description can be viewed.
Filter: With the filter button at the right side, the visible locations/programs can be filtered by type/category, like winemakers, accommodations, handcrafts, gastronomy or musical events – a combination of winemakers and musical events, for example, can be easily arranged.

In the Programs page, the list of programs, events, locations can be found, dissociated by category. Similar to the map, the filter can be used to set the type/category of the visible items in the list.
There are lot of informations about the “Wine, Shine, Bénye 2009″ festival in the app: articles (only in Hungarian), pictures & video.

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